Mesh Belt Furnace

Mesh Belt Furnace


At present, America and Europe etc, developed countries have put forward a higher and newer request to the products of the mesh belt furnace, especially to the security products such as locomotive standard component, the high strength steel construction fastener the advanced chain and advanced close bearings etc. So it leads to a higher level to the heat treatment equipment, our company has developed a set of higher—level software—central control system.The allocation as follows:

The operation controlled by computer; The functions of lot number management; The function of self—weighing; The infrared value controlled by I/R; Heat treatment expert system. ES; Network distance control; Cost analysis


The full-line equipment of continuous conveyor tempering carburlzing quenching furnace of our company are used to treat all Kinds of fasteners and special parts. The range of heat treatment method Include: quenching, tempering, (may include gas (DX) blackening), carburlzing, etc. According to the characteristic of the furnace, we propose not to use carbonltriding heat treatment method which will Influence the service life of the mesh belt. The Light sheet work piece is apt to overlap and adhere, which will Influence the result of heat treatment and will "lose". So if there are not appropriate precautionary measures,we suggest that it should not be produced In this furnace.

Atmosphere control

  • Using methanol as the carrier gas, propane for the enrichment of gas. Methanol in the furnace after the gasification into the furnace, methanol gasification furnace in the furnace after the cracking of the full, reducing the production of carbon black, saving methanol.
  • Furnace atmosphere detection using oxygen probe + CO infrared instrument dual element control, the use of infrared instrument CO value detected in the furnace to provide carbon control instruments, as conversion basis, making the oxygen probe detection of carbon potential value more accurate. Control more accurate.
  • Oxygen probe furnace in two furnace area control atmosphere, layer is more stable.

System control

  • Furnace, furnace tempering the use of imported SCR continuous PID control mode, temperature control, high precision, good stability.
  • The production line control system uses the programmable controller PLC and the man-machine contact surface touch-sensitive screen combination use, the system stable is reliable.
  • PC monitoring system, the use of Advantech IPC, configuration software to achieve the temperature, atmosphere and electricity monitoring, control and the establishment of the formula, historical data query, production data record and query functions. Can be from the window screen to understand the production line equipment of the ON / OFF action, as well as the temperature, atmosphere, voltage, current work value; when there is abnormal alarm can also be controlled by the map out what kind of problem, so that the operator Can quickly grasp the situation and do the appropriate treatment.

Safety devices

  • In the heating furnace on the use of special thermocouples and special thermocouple, to prevent overheating and low temperature to stop infusion.
  • The belt running detection device detects and warns the running state of the mesh belt by using the rotation detecting device and the operation detecting circuit.
  • Mesh belt damage prevention: Use the torque limiter, when the belt is overloaded for security protection.
  • Abnormal height alarm: A contact sensor is provided at the entrance of the front of the heating furnace, and an alarm is issued when the treated product is conveyed at an abnormal height. And automatically stop the previous device.
  • Other: a variety of interlock device settings, to prevent equipment damage.

Equipment construction

  • Net belt with roller support, in the furnace preheating zone into the furnace cold mesh belt and baked hot mesh belt with the operation, the use of net heating with the Internet with the workpiece, save energy and reduce the furnace temperature drop. While reducing the door opening, saving the raw material gas.
  • Mesh belt drive with the furnace roller and roll outside the roller drive combination, net belt running smoothly, no crawling phenomenon. And by adjusting the location of the roller can be amended to facilitate correction of belt offset.
  • The partition of the furnace through the partition between the roof arch brick effectively separated, can effectively maintain the temperature uniformity of the partition and the atmosphere stability, heat treatment quality more reliable.
  • The heating radiant tube adopts the centrifugal casting type, each district uses the separate isolation step-down transformer to supply power separately, enhances the equipment use security, the radiant tube long life, simultaneously the radiation tube uses the parallel connection, the replacement radiation tube does not need to stop the stove, does not affect the user production.
  • All parts of the furnace structure excellent air tightness, in addition to the furnace door and smoke discharge outside the furnace gas leakage, saving raw material gas consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Heating furnace blanking mouth heating element reasonable layout to ensure that the quenching temperature of the workpiece, and set the infrared temperature detection port, at any time sampling the workpiece before quench oil temperature.
  • The exhaust gas in the rear part of the furnace adopts the micro-fan to produce the negative pressure difference to discharge the oil smoke under the oil curtain to prevent the interference of the oil smoke on the furnace atmosphere and reduce the generation of the carbon black in the furnace, Waste of furnace gas.
  • In the quenching oil tank using the surface of the jet and the impeller mixing combination of the quenching area of ​​the flow of full convection to ensure that the workpiece quenching conditions to ensure uniform hardness of the workpiece.
  • For the standard parts industry, product features, supporting dual-tank washing machine structure, increase the cleaning nozzle to extend the cleaning time and improve the cleaning effect. The need for phosphorus removal products can be replaced in the first tank of the cleaning solution for the removal of phosphorus that is able to achieve the function of cleaning phosphorus removal.

Standard with production line included

  • Rotary feeder
  • Vibration feeder
  • Magnetic feeder
  • Front arid rear washing machine
  • Quenching furnace
  • Quenching tank
  • Dripping lifting machine
  • Tempering furnace
  • Tempering tank

Main Dimension

Type Total out power
Total Length(m) Size of Quenching furnace Size of Tempering furnace
Carburing Quenching Net width Heating length Length of furnace Net width Heating length Length of furnace
SM-1 E 220 28.5 30.5 400 3.5 4.0 600 3.5 4.0
SM-2 E 400 32.5 34.5 600 5.5 6.0 800 5.5 6.0
SM-3 E 450 36.5 38.5 600 7.5 8.0 800 7.5 8.0
SM-4 E 550 36.5 38.5 800 7.5 8.0 1000 7.5 8.0
SM-5 E 650 40.5 42.5 800 9.5 10.0 1000 9.5 10.0
SM-6 G 76000KCAL/1H
100 KW
44.5 46.5 1000 11.5 12.0 1200 11.5 12.0
SM-7 G 1250000KCAL/1H
110 KW
49 57 1200 12.5 13.0 1400 12.5 13.0S
Remark: when annealing furnace allocate with gas blackening, the length should increase 2 meters.


Type Carburizing capacity/per month (Tons) Quenching capacity/per month (Tons) Carburizing capacity/per hr (Kgs) Quenching capacity/per hr (Kgs)
SM-1 E 58 115 80 160
SM-2 E 190 270 270 380
SM-3 E 210 290 300 410
SM-4 E 340 440 480 620
SM-5 E 540 610 760 860
SM-6 G 670 790 940 1100
SM-7 G 1000 1200 1380 1600
  1. Calculation standard for the capacity: M12x25 - 55mmL ∅8-1Omm*25-55mm
  2. The tolerance error of continuous capacity is ± 15%
  3. During normal production, the actual out power of carburizing is 70% specified electricity. And the tempering out power is 85% specified electricity.
  4. The capacity is calculated with 30 days per month, 24 hours per day.


Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace

Choose to consider the focus of Mesh Belt Furnace

Heating type

A.gas heating system. Advantage: low operation cost and low repair cost no influence when the power out. Key points: high equipment purchasing cost.

B.electric heating system. Advantage: lower equipment purchasing cost. Key points: high operation cost and high repair cost, influenced by the power out.

Quenching furnace

A.quenching furnace used for carburizing: use anti-carburizing bricks, such as LBK-23, LBK-26 etc, anti-carburizing mesh belt, material SUS310S.

B.quenching furnace used for quenching: may equip with Gas generating furnace. Its C.P control is more accurate than the methanol's, and don't accumulate carbon and don't pollute quenching oil. radiant tube and mesh belt lived - long. Use general fire-resistant and heat-insulated bricks, such as B-5, B-1 etc. mesh belt material: SUS310S.

Tempering furnace

A.Low temperature furnace:used for carburizing of tempering. Temperature lower than 400℃.

B.High temperature furnace: used for quenching of tempering. Temperature lower than 650℃.

C.Gas blackening tempering furnace: tempering used for gas blackening, temperature470-540℃.

Electric control system

A.traditional Instrument control:Key points: no data record (no reports and history archives)

B.completely central PC base control system:Advantage: record the data. (have reports and history archives).

C.traditional instrument control + central PC base control system: Advantage: there is advantage of completely central PC base control system, and when the computer system halted, can switch to instrument control.

C.P control system

A.O2 Sensor CP control system: Advantage: low purchasing cost. CP is not accurate, and the use life is short, it is easy to accumulate carbon because we can not know the atmosphere composite of the furnace, such as co, co2.

B. Infrared (l/R)Advantage: high dependability, perfect carbon potential control, long performance life, low maintenance cost. Key points: high primary purchasing cost.

Protective atmosphere

A.Gas generating furnace. Advantage: perfect carbon potential control, not easy to accumulate carbon. Key points: high primary purchasing cost.

B.methanol decomposing furnace. Advantage: purchasing cost is lower than Gas generating furnace and lower cirbon accumuation than methanol dripping. Key points: carbon potential control is not perfect.

C.methanol dripping. Advantage: low allocation cost, economical type. Key points: easy to accumulate carbon, carbon potential control is not perfect.

Furnace Body

Mesh Belt Furnace

Front and rear washing machine (Soating type)

save energy: Utilize the hot water washing circulation of the heat exchanger at the preheating area of the quenching furnace. perfect wash result: oil and water separate, recovery use, environmental protection and energy-conservation. strong hot blast drying design: the surface moisture of work piece is fully died up, prevent the vapor from bringing into the furnace. Equip with inductor. transmission chains: SUS304 stainless steel. loading pattern angle bar use SUS 304 stainless steel.

Mesh Belt Furnace

Front and rear washing machine (Horizontal type)

Economical washing machine

Mesh Belt Furnace

Quenching furnace

cylinder through special design, uneasy to accumulate the carbon. waste outlet: hole clean completely. double systematic exchanger, save energy and low the cost.

quenching furnace used for carburizing: use anti-carburizing bricks and anti-carburizing mesh belt. quenching furnace used for quenching: use general fire-resistant and heat-insulated bricks and anti-carburizing mesh belt.

Mesh Belt Furnace

Dripping lifting machine

Mesh Belt Furnace

Tempering furnace

low temperature tempering furnace: used for carburizing. high temperature tempering furnace: used for carburizing, quenching. gas blackening tempering furnace used for carburizing, quenching, gas blackening.

Mesh Belt Furnace

Anti-rust tempering tank

Multi—functionality : The design of oil water and coloring agent can go on coloring,water—cooling, air cold treatment at the same time.

High safety : Equip with one set of high efficient enery—heat exchanger to automatic adjust to prevent oil temperature too high.

Electric control

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The mesh belt furnace that our company produce , and the control system all Include two basic parts: 1 .satisfy various control demand of production machinery and production technology. 2.satisfy the demand of production* using and repairing for electric control device itself. The control system of our company Is consist of the target, measuring units, controller and regulating valve etc. According to country electronic control norm, apply automatically controlled principle, combine the central PC base contol system with traditional electric PLC software and hardware and give full play to the software function of PC base control system to make systematic technology and economic indicator more superior. Now we have realized the computer distant control the heat treatment production, which favorable to improve quality, production efficiency and work conditions, and it is most advanced central PC Base control system among the counterparts at present.

Integration of control and managemen

The central PC base control system of our company using the most advanced DCS internet system to make the biggest and safest monitoring system.

Distributed control system also named centralized distributed control system is a comprehensive high-tech product that Incorporate with the computer technology .control technology .communication technology .according to the national norm, we use the central PC base contrd system to monitor .operate and manage the whole heat treatment process. The distributed control for heat treatment through PC Is different from the routine Instrument control system and centralized computer control system. It concentrated advantage of the two parts and overcome their deficiency . Liability .flexibility , friendly man-machine Interface and convenient communication are the characteristic of our DCS which is the ideal industrial control system.

DCS system is superior to centralized control system(CCD) on dealing ability and safety. And also superior to traditional instrument control,which is the most advanced high-efficient and reliable real time central PC base control system.

DCS is set up on the basis of internet, the key structure is three points one lines structure, one line means the skeleton computer network of DCS, and three points means the three different kinds of nodes which join in the network:

  • I/O local control station: face to the controlled process spot
  • operation station: face to operator
  • the engineer station: face to DCS monitoring and managing engineers

one DCS only need one engineer station, while the quantity of I/O local control station and operator station equipped many sets according to the demand. Three kinds of nodes connect and exchange information, coordinate the various work and finish the whole function of DCS together through system network.

DCS network topological structure, can use token Ring and token passing.